Wednesday, March 9, 2011

she's come like a sunlight and she's go with a pretty smile.

hey you,spec girl.
i really want to see you again and again.
you was stole my heart and i need you forever and ever.
please,meet me and call me.
i'll waiting for you and i promise to be a good guy for you,
i want you because your smile always make me happy,
i dont expect to like you,
like what i said to you,
"saya suka awak"saya tak tipu,saya betul betul"

but sometime when i do something
i always remember you,
did i fall in love with you,
or u always make me laugh.

please come to me and know me as deeply,and be my friend.opss,my best best best friend.
i'll pray of you to read all this.

i cant forget your face,
i cant forget your sound,
i cant forget your pretty,

and and i cant forget that i love you girl.